A New Way


Our vision is of an NRP that is committed to the holistic development of Nevis and its peoples; to the protection of the rights of all the citizens and residents of our fair land and for empowering a society and economy that encourages and facilitates upward mobility. NRP will be an active participant in the wider Caribbean and the international community of nations.

2022 Manifesto coming soon as 2021 is behind us. 

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Manifesto Below:

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Founding Principles 

Our great Party was founded in 1970. Its birth resulted from decades of suffering and struggles by the Nevisian people. The unfortunate and traumatic sinking of the badly overcrowded MV Christena on August 1st, 1970 and the resulting loss of hundreds of lives of Nevisians severely impacted families throughout our society. The impact on education, trade, farming, social services, sports and the way of life of our people caused major disruptions on generations.


NRP’s main aim was to champion the cause of Nevisians for separation from St. Kitts and a return to British rule; to combat want, ignorance, dependence and to fight for and gain greater

prosperity for all of our people. Just like our present-day leaders, our founding members refused to accept that a lack of jobs, bad roads, poor electricity, scarce water supply, inadequate health care, poor living conditions and absentee leadership were our lot in life.


As a Party, we will never be satisfied until we are treated as equal citizens in the present Federal construct or until we achieve our goal of self-determination for the people of Nevis.

We are determined to close the gap between what is and what ought to be.


The people of Nevis were constitutionally granted their own government on 19th, September 1983. For thirteen (13) years after our formation, the Nevis Reformation Party fought the central government in St Kitts for increased authority on the island of Nevis and made many representations to Britain in support of the argument that Nevisians were capable and were

mature enough to operate our own Administration. The genesis of this movement sprang from the experience of considerable neglect on the island of Nevis. With the return of a government to Nevis after one hundred and two years, The Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) transformed all that.




Link for the candidacy launch for Hon.Cleone Stapleton-Simmonds