Voting: why it matters most this year

We are entering what is perhaps the most critical time in our nation's history. It's an opportunity to charter the course of our future through educational advancements, modernized infrastructure, first class health care and investments. The current regime has vanquished our economy to a state of disrepair with record setting unemployment, an inability to attract investment and a practice of encouraged habitual corruption.

A new NRP led government will bring with it a breath of fresh air, ushered in by men and women who have proven themselves as visionaries. The options are clear. Our vision will solve the unemployment issue by creating 2000 new jobs. Our vision will attract investment in tourism, sports, health care, offshore universities, a new financial services model. We will build a new economic zone in Nevis thus converting Nevis into the model of economic development in the region. Our vision will root out corruption and place our beloved Nevis back into a state of respectability.

However, we Nevis will never experience meaningful changes without your vote. Let us do this together. Let us bring about the changes that you truly deserve.

A vote for the Nevis Reformation Party, is a vote for a brighter future.

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