The High Court Deals Damming Blow To Nevisian Premier

In a 80 page judgment handed down on 07 August 2019, Justice Ventose issued delivered what could only be considered an indictment against the embattled Nevisian Premier. The case was brought by Nevis Paradise Ltd against the Nevis Island Administration and Ors, questioning the legally of decisions made by the Premier and his Cabinet.

The Learned Justice raised serious questions of what one can consider to be ethical breaches whereby the cabinet made decisions to advance the cause of a client of a law firm in which the Premier was a senior party. Planning laws were swept aside and the Director of Planning decisions were overruled to achieve the impugned objectives.

Ultimately the Courts view of the parties behavior was so abhorrent that it quashed the decisions of the Premier and his cabinet, and also the decisions of the Planning department. The Court also ordered that the construction as authorized by the Premier and his Cabinet be demolished within 30-days, failure of which could result in imprisonment, amongst other things.

Our country lacks leadership. Restore decency and honor. Let's not make the same mistake again.

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