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Nevis Election Uncounted Ballots Uncovered.

January 14, 2020

Charlestown, Nevis 14 January 2020: Nevisians were in shocked as a number of ballots which resembled those from the recently concluded local elections were knocking at their feet on Chapel Street, Charlestown.

Observers reported seemed to be blowing from the vicinity of the Red Cross Building and that all the ballots were casted for Hensley Daniel. This is rather disturbing news and could potentially rock an already shaky government at its core.

Stay tune for more on this matter as the leadership of the NRP seek answers from from the Electoral Commission. 



December 23, 2019

Charlestown, Nevis, 23 December 2019: Hundreds of children turned out in to part take in the NRP annual Christmas Party; many dubbed it "the best party that I ever attended". 

The Party was organized by the executive of the NRP and hosted at its headquarters at Nelson Springs, Cotton Ground. 

The afternoon was filled with games, laughter, food and togetherness. On hand to greet and socialize were the candidates and members of the NRP. The afternoon was capped with the distribution of gifts from Santa.

If you would like to contribute to this annual extravaganza then please contact us at or via telephone at (869) 469-1527. 

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NRP Youth Arm Leader Issues Strong Message

December  22, 2019

Hi, I am Saneldo Willett, the president of the Youth Arm of the Nevis Reformation Party. Before I commence I would simply wish to assure you that as a youth, your voice matters to us. I now encourage you to get out and register to vote. If you need assistance then please contact me or any member of the NRP and we would be delighted assist you. On election day, let us rally together as youths and most importantly, as the future of this great nation is a stake, I encourage you to vote for the candidates that have displayed a real vision and real passion for the development of our country and the advancement of our youths.

I also appeal to you to join the NRP Youth Arm. Like you, I too was of two minds. Did I really want to join a political movement? The answer was a resounding no. But I now must confess that joining the NRP Youth Arm has been perhaps the most rewarding decision that I have made in my short lifetime.

As youths we have been organized field trips, dinners, parties, fundraising events, assist in organizing and participating in the Party’s major functions and perhaps most importantly we have had an opportunity to have our voices heard in the Party’s development plans for the future of Nevis. We have had an opportunity to advance opinions on a wide range of issues. We have lead the charge for a new independent start of the art Nevis 6th Form College, A new Accredited Technical College, financial assistance for each and every youth whose desire it is to attend university overseas, we will provide interest free loans to youths who wish to start their own businesses, 500 new affordable Housing solutions for youths, we are advocating to have youths play a more active role in government, we believe that the expansion of our economy is of utmost importance so that when you have received your university degree that you can feel comfortable returning home, too many of our young people who have finished 6th Form finds themselves in grocery store packing bags or cashing a register; we will advocate for the provision of 2500 new jobs. As a youth I have witnessed our tourism industry mercilessly brought to its knees and we are busy working on a comprehensive tourism plan to produce an industry for which we all could be proud. It is no secret that our tourism industry has been crippled and left for dead.  

As your youth president I have advocated for the sports tourism programs that will encourage capital investments in sporting programs, training, stadiums and facilities in areas such as cricket, football, drag racing, new international standard horse race track and perhaps professional sports such as Basketball and baseball. 

These are just a few of the things that the leadership of the NRP, has valued our opinions, as the spring board to draft policies and programs for the greater good of all Nevisian.

The Leaders of NRP are listening to us. We are the performance party. The only party with a visionary plan for the development of Nevis. Together we can do this. NRP------ Visionary----NRP Youth Arm, Ready to transform Nevis.

Join the NRP Youth Arm now, It is for young people of all ages up to 35 years. Please visit the NRP Headquarters at Nelson Springs or follow us on facebook at NRPOfficial\ or visit our website at You can also email us at

Our contact numbers are       Local (869) 469-1527


Dr. Daly lays forth his Vision for Nevis

November 25, 2019

Charlestown, Nevis (Tuesday, November 26, 2019) -Newly launched candidate for the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP), Dr. Kelvin Daly has said that he is “energized and focused”. Dr. Daly who is vying for the St. John’s / St. Paul’s seat was at the time addressing a group of young people in the parish of St. John’s.

While presenting his vision for the future, Dr. Daly outlined a Fair Share agreement that would guarantee the residents of Nevis its portion of the Citizen by Investment (CBI) receipts so that a better plan for the future can be established. He also promised the creation of policies that would harmonize the common need for less costly greener energy. “The island has a great need to look towards alternative sources that would be cheaper than fossil fuels,” Daly said.

On Education, Dr. Daly promised that the REACH (Recognizing Everyone’s Ability to Climb Higher) program which assisted students financially to attend the Clarence Fitzroy Bryant College would be improved and reinstated with new and visionary ideas that would benefit all. It was his fervent plead to re-introduce the one-to-one laptop program. Training in skills development would be funded by the Federal government to ensure that students can remain on Nevis and receive well-needed training.

In Social Services, Dr. Daly laid out plans for a better distribution of the Poverty Alleviation Program (PAP). He opined that many Nevisians who should be benefiting from this plan do not because of partisan politics and consistently maintained that the PAP amount of $500 a month needs to be increased.

While discussing the roof replacement program, Daly gave suggestions of ways that the “one-sided” program that has been rolled out on St. Kitts can and should benefit Nevisians. “I will ensure that residents of Nevis who have had roof damage will wait no more once I am elected,” stated Daly.

In Business, Dr. Daly has undertaken to bring back the SEED program. This was an initiative that assisted in the start-up of small and medium businesses in the Federation with grants of $5000 - $100,000 at 0% interest rate.

As part of his Employment benefits, Dr. Daly pledges to work to guarantee improvements in standardize benefits and pensions for all public servants especially those who are paid on wages.

“It is unfair that a politician can collect a pension after just 8 years while an auxiliary worker walks away with no pension after 40 years of service. These are the kind of inequities that have existed for too long in this country and I will address them and work towards ending them.” concluded Dr. Daly.

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NRP Leader: "Court Judgment against Minister and Ambassador brings shame on federation." 

November 22, 2019

Charlestown, Nevis (November 26, 2019)- Leader of the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP), Mr. Robelto Hector said on Tuesday’s program “Issues”, on Freedom FM that it is important that the St. Kitts-Nevis Prime Minister, Hon. Timothy Harris address residents of the Federation on a recent court judgment against two of his colleagues.  

In the recent Tanzania Tobin Tanzil case, which included Minister of Tourism, Lindsay Grant and Ambassador, Jonel Powell, Tanzania filed a claim against Grant and Powell, alleging a breach of trust, a breach of fiduciary duty and failure to account for the misappropriation of US$460,000 that belonged to Mr. Tanzil.  

“The Prime Minister need to say something, do something, suspend someone on the matter so that the people of the Federation can feel a restored confidence that they once had in government”, said Mr. Hector.    

In addition, Mr. Hector also talked about the embattled Premier of Nevis, the Hon. Mark Brantley who went on radio during his “On the Mark” program  and defended his two colleagues and “cursed” the judge in the case.   

“He (Brantley) as a lawyer said he like to fight under the clock and that is where they (Tanzil) took his colleagues/client… under the clock. His (Brantley) only interest now is to defend them as they are Brantley’s political buddies, they helped Brantley sign the airport deal in Nevis and now you (Daniel, Brantley and Associates) are representing them,” stated Hector.   

Meanwhile Mr. Hector showed his disgust with the numerous frivolous government cases that are taking place in the courthouses in St. Kitts and Nevis which the government has had a losing streak with and money is continuously coming out of the treasury to pay lawyers, injured parties and court costs. 

The NRP Leader also revealed during the show that the lawyer in the recent “Mathew McMillian” (Drone case) wanted to simply settle out of court but the government refused even though “they knew they would not win the case.  Yet, they proceeded to go to court because they (government) were dealing with the public purse.” 

Mr. Hector concluded by asking the listeners to the program to; “open their eyes “and he went on to say, “There is a criminal enterprise taking place in the Federation and we ought to stop it and stop it now!” 

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60th birthday - 60 FREE Meals for the Homeless

November 12, 2019

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Mrs. Cleone Stapleton-Simmonds throws hat in the ring!!!

For a Progressive Future

Charlestown, Nevis (Monday, January 27, 2019)- Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) female candidate, Mrs. Cleone Simmonds portrays herself as a fighter for a “Better Nevis” as she enters the upcoming bi-election for the recently vacant St.Thomas' seat in the Nevis Island Assembly. Simmonds announced her bid as the NRP candidate during a well attended town hall meeting on Sunday (Jan. 26) at the Cotton Ground Community Center.

The seat was held by the former Premier of Nevis, Mr. Joseph Parry who retired from active politics on December 31, 2019. Mr. Parry, who was the elected representative for St. Thomas’  for over 30 years, graciously extended the baton to Mrs. Simmonds at Sunday's event.

Mrs. Cleon Simmonds - formerly Stapleton - hails from Cotton Ground. She is a former public school teacher turned lawyer with a private law practice on Government Road, Charlestown.  The wife and proud mother of two said during her well-received address to the gathering, “I am doing this for your children and my children’s future.”

Two issues raised by Mrs. Simmonds in her speech were the sad state of healthcare on Nevis and the urgent need for youth empowerment.

Referring to a recent incident where a Nevisian lady died as a result of poor public health services available on our island, Mrs. Simmonds stated, “We want to see changes in our healthcare system. Good healthcare must once again be a priority on Nevis.”

On youth empowerment, Mrs. Simmonds said she is very “passionate” on the issues of young people. She said she has been talking to a number of Nevis youth who strongly believe that “they are not being heard”.  

Candidate Simmonds went on to say, “We can look around Nevis and you can see that there is not much of an outlet for our young people. There are not much leisure activities, simple things like enjoying movies, they can’t enjoy that. Some have to journey to St.Kitts on the weekend, simply to get a little down time and relaxation. In order for our youth to develop, they must have an outlet to express themselves creatively. A Nevis Reformation Party Administration will ensure that these things are put in place because Nevis deserves better, Nevisians deserves better and you do not only deserve better, you deserve the best and NRP is best for Nevis!”

On hand to support Mrs. Simmonds and endorse her winning NRP candidacy were former Premier and former St. Thomas Representative in the Nevis Island Administration, Hon. Joseph Parry, party leader, Mr. Robelto Hector, party deputy leader, Dr. Kelvin Daly, NRP's federal candidate, representative, Hon. Patrice Nisbett and Secretary General of the NRP, Ms. Idona Browne.

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Cleone Stapleton-Simmonds Maiden Speech well received.

February 04, 2020

Charlestown, Nevis (Tuesday, Feb.4, 2020)- The airing of the maiden speech made by NRP’s up and coming by-election candidate for the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP), Mrs. Cleone Simmonds was well received by listeners and hosts of the online radio program, “Tell Me” on Thursday, January 30.

This address was first made at a town hall gathering at the Cotton Ground Community Centre on Sunday, January 26, to a large gathering of NRP supporters and other impressed St. Thomas parish constituents.  Her message sounded the need for higher education and more robust capacity building for all Nevisians.  In her message, Simmonds told the people of Nevis, “We must not continue on this downward spiral” of ignoring our educational advancement of our young people.

Program hosts, Carlisle Powell, Kelvin Daly and Tuloo Weekes all agreed that Mrs. Simmonds brings an “injection of vision and energy” to the party. Powell praised Simmonds delivery on the issues in a manner which no present member of the CCM-led NIA could.  Daly admired her passion and commitment to the cause, noting that Simmonds pointed to NRP guiding philosophy and values. Weekes outlined that Simmonds is the total package of intelligence, heart and sincerity. 

Simmonds is fixed to be the next Nevis Island Assembly representative of St. Thomas’ parish when the upcoming by-election is held. The by-election is due by March 30, 2020 which is 90 days following the resignation of the former representative, Mr. Joseph Parry, who retired on December 31, 2019.