Hon. Patrice D. Nisbett

Nevis 11

St. Thomas' and St. James


Patrice Dwight H. Nisbett has been the Federal Parliamentary Representative for St James and St Thomas, the constituency of Nevis 11 since March of 2000. He was born in the parish of St James to the proud parents of Marion Jeffers and Aubrey Nisbett on the 5th day of September 1971.

Patrice received his early education at the Combermere All Age School (as it was then known).  He graduated from the Combermere School after qualifying to attend Secondary School and he obtained his Secondary Education at the Charlestown Secondary School.  In 1988, after successfully completing his educational sojourn at the Charlestown Secondary School, he enrolled as a student at the Charlestown Sixth Form College and from there he graduated in 1990 after completing his A level examinations.

Mr. Nisbett was able to meet the requirements for entrance to University and in 1990 he left Nevis to pursue a degree in Law at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill Campus, Barbados.  He obtained his Law Degree in 1993 and in that same year he was accepted to enter the Hugh Wooding Law School in Trinidad in order to pursue and obtain his Legal Education Certificate which is the professional part of his legal education.

After earning his Legal Education Certificate in 1995, Mr. Nisbett was called to the Outer Bar in Saint Christopher and Nevis on the 7th day of November 1995 and since then has had an active career at the Bar, engaging in both civil and criminal cases. 

Mr. Patrice Nisbett is an accomplished legal practitioner, Justice of the Peace and Notary Public, with more than two decades of well-rounded legal experience in which he has specialized in commercial and corporate, criminal, conveyancing and real property, family and matrimonial, public and constitutional, citizenship and immigration law.

As absorbed as he is with the law, Patrice finds time to be actively involved in extracurricular activities.  He has served as President of the Nevis Cricket Association and he has served for several years on the Board of Management of the Nevis Cricket Association. He was also elected as the President of the Nevis Youth Council in 2001.

Patrice took the courageous and selfless decision to offer himself for Public service and the proud people of Nevis 11 reposed their trust and confidence in his ability to provide effective and quality representation to them by electing him to serve as their parliamentary representative in the National Assembly since March 2000.

For the past nigh twenty years Patrice has provided quality and sterling leadership to his constituents and by extension the people of Nevis which has resulted in the marked improvement in the quality of life for persons from all walks of life.

He has used his position in the National Assembly to promote and advance some matters that are critical to the wellbeing of Nevisians and the development of the Island of Nevis. He was able to legislate the repatriation of Corporate taxes to the island of Nevis thus ensuring that the Nevis Island Administration finances was bolstered and placed on a firm footing. In addition, the negotiated model for revenue sharing under the Value Added Tax ensured that Nevis was able to benefit from a larger pool of revenue thus that Nevis had access to a greater share of the revenue generated from the measure.

He has ensured that programs that seek to facilitate new businesses and the sustainability of existing businesses were implemented on the island of Nevis. Therefore, various businesses had access to cheap funding provided by the SEED, SAFE, WISE & OTHER PROGRAMS which saw the growth of businesses on the economic landscape on the island of Nevis. This led to the overall growth and buoyance of the Nevis economy. Also increase opportunities for the people which resulted in people development and a better quality of life.

Mr. Nisbett was able to champion the PEP and improve the rights, terms and conditions of the workers of the country. As the Minister of Labour, he piloted legislation that enshrined into law that all workers in the Hospitality sector and in the industrial enclave would be entitled to receive a gratuity payment after at least ten years of service in the relevant sector. Further in 2014 under his watch as the Minister of Labour, the minimum wage was hiked which made it the highest minimum wage payable in the OECS subregion. The workers of the country saw an overnight increase in their personal incomes and an improvement in their general standard of living.

Students attending all secondary schools and the sixth form college in Nevis became the beneficiaries of their own personal computer as a result of the introduction of the Federally funded ONE-TO-ONE LAPTOP program on the island. This was an investment in the children of Nevis to assist in their personal and educational development and also to help bridge the digital divide and bring digital equity to Nevis. Most importantly, it was an investment in the economy of Nevis in assisting in the build out of the future digital economy for the island of Nevis.  

In addition, our children in Nevis had access to the REACH AND OTHER SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAMS which brought much needed financial relief to middle income and lower income families on the island of Nevis.

Mr. Nisbett has participated or piloted the passage of a suite of legislation that have had the effect of reforming and modernizing the existing legal framework in Saint Christopher and Nevis, more specifically to effectively address the challenges of crime and criminality in our society. The implementation and enforcement of the legislation have led to a reduction in criminal activities and have also improved the administration of justice. The overall effect has positively impacted the national security apparatus and the safety and security on the streets, in our homes and in our businesses.

Patrice Nisbett has served as the Principal Legal Advisor to the Government of St. Christopher and Nevis in the capacity of Attorney General and Minister of Justice and Legal Affairs from 2010 to 2013. He later was appointed as the Federation’s Chief Diplomat in the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs, Homeland Security, Labour, Justice and Legal Affairs. Also, in 2004 Patrice was appointed to serve as Deputy speaker of the National Assembly and has served on various Parliamentary Committees.

In his capacity as Attorney General, he employed his legal skills in the successful negotiation of complex commercial contracts in respect of major private, resort and national infrastructural development projects such as the supply of renewable energy, specifically, wind and geothermal. 

Mr. Nisbett served as the Federation’s Chief Diplomat and during his tenure he was able to pursue the foreign policy objectives of Saint Christopher and Nevis so as to ensure that it was in line with the development agenda of the Country. In addition, under his watch the country was able to consolidate and strengthened its bilateral relationships with its traditional partners while at the same time it established diplomatic relations with nontraditional partners. The highlight of his tenure was the establishment of an Embassy in the Republic of Cuba which further deepened the mutual beneficial relationship between the people and government of Cuba and people and government of Saint Christopher and Nevis.

Patrice is a seasoned and experienced individual on fire for his constituents, his island and his country.  He has demonstrated from the quality of representation that he has given to his people over the past twenty years that he has brought investments to the youths, investments in micro, small and medium size businesses, better and improved working conditions for the workers of the country, better and improved standard of living and quality of life for all, increased financial resources to Nevis, development and investments to the economy of Nevis and improved safety and security to the island of Nevis.

In light of the significant record of achievements the NRP is certain that with the votes and full support of the constituents of Nevis 11, PATRICE will continue to service and deliver PEACE PROGRESS & PROSPERITY to his beloved constituents of Nevis 11 and by extension the people of Nevis.